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The Museum Magazine 2021

It gladdens the heart that once again we are seeing the rebirth and resuscitation of this very informative magazine, the production of which has been halted for over six years due to dwindling finances of those times which in no small ways and manner affected various facets of the Commission’s operations. Huge thanks to Prof. Abba Tijani and the administration he leads for uncommon resourcefulness, support and encouragement which this Committee has received, leading to the resurrection and rebranding of this publication.

This maiden edition of “The Nigerian Museum” News bulletin presents a special content which celebrates the commendable strides of the Abba Tijani – led Administration which coincidentally clocks one year with this release.

Abba Isa Tijani, the enigmatic Professor of Museology and Anthropology commenced his responsible leadership of the Commission after his deserved appointment one year ago. In a short space of time he has led a management which to a great extent repositioned the Commission. New standards are being set with more encouraging result pouring in. An astute administrator and erudite academic, he has demonstrated in no small means his ability to fix problems and achieve results. We therefore have the pleasure of cataloguing among others, some of his achievements within a short period of his leadership.

Some of Africa’s material cultural assets are warehoused outside the continent. Most of these assets as we all know were looted during wars by Europeans, ethnographic expeditions or acquired under questionable conditions and auctions in various art markets around the globe. Notable among such ethnographic material assets are some of Nigeria’s collections that form the Nucleus of our classical arts. The National Commission for Museums & Monuments which holds the mandate to preserve and care for these National treasures has over the years been in the forefront of negotiations and demand for the repatriation and return of these cultural artifacts of Nigerian origin. These efforts though, have been yielding dividends in trickles in the past, but worthy of note is the recent development in the life of this administration that a very large haul of over a thousand Benin Bronzes will soon return to Nigeria from Germany. The Commission is working closely with all relevant and major stakeholders to ensure that the collections eventually berth in a safe and comfortable environment for the viewing pleasure of Nigerians.

Distinguished readers, I once again welcome you to this our informative News bulletin, a Platform through which we shall constantly update our numerous and various publics about happenings in the NCMM. Please read along with us!


Dapo Sijuade


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