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2024 International Museum Day Celebration in Abuja


High-Octane Glamour as Olugbile Holloway Hosts Maiden International Museum Day in Abuja


High-Octane Glamour as Olugbile Holloway Hosts Maiden International Museum Day

It was a beautifully glorious day for the NCMM as 2024 IMD was celebrated at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Abuja.

During the event, the Director-General, Olugbile Holloway reiterated the transformational power of museums as catalysts for intellectual growth, cultural exchange and social development. He also assured the audience of his administration’s preparedness to herald modernization through digitization of Museum collections and its operations.

The event recorded a stellar attendance and representation of outstanding dignitaries such as: the Chairman, Senate Committee on Arts, Culture & the Creative Economy, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Arts, Culture & the Creative Economy, the Chief of Army Staff, the Chief of Air Staff, the Chief of Naval Staff, and the Inspector- General of Police.

Others are, Directors-General of Federal Agencies, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Traditional Rulers within FCT environs, and veteran Museum Retirees, among others.

High points of this year’s celebrations are: a lecture delivery on the 2024 theme, various cultural performances, award presentation to selected distinguished personalities, and presentation of prizes to winners of an earlier quiz and painting competition. The event also featured a Red-Carpet Corner which added colour and glamour of massive proportions.

Olugbile Holloway, DG NCMM

Holloway Harps On Transformative Power Of Museums As NCMM Celebrates 2024 IMD

“Museums serve as dynamic hubs of education, providing a wealth of resources and opportunities for lifelong learning. From curated exhibitions and interactive displays to educational programs and workshops, museums offer diverse avenues for individuals of all ages to engage with art, culture, history, science, and beyond”.

Vital centres for research

“Moreover, museums are vital centres for research, serving as repositories of knowledge and facilitating scholarly inquiry across various disciplines. Through their collections, archives, and specialized resources, museums have contributed to advancing research and promoting a deeper understanding of the world around us”, he added.

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