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Recall, National War Museum, Umuahia is one of its kind in Africa and has some unique features. It is saddled with the responsibility of preserving the War Relics of Nigerian Civil War and other Traditional warfare. It is also a center for Research into Military Science and Technology as well as center for Peace and Conflict Resolutions

“A people without the knowledge of their History, Origin and Culture is like a tree without root” preserving and sustaining our history through verifiable facts is duty bound on Museum.

Based on the above, Nigerian Navy College of Accounts and Finance Owerri Nta, Abia State Student Officers Course Batch 32 visited National War Museum, Umuahia on 11th May, 2022. The College is a premier institution responsible for training Officers in the Accounts and Budget branch of Nigerian Navy. As part of the training Curriculum, the Student Officers visit to the Museum was eventful and remarkable. The visit further broadened their knowledge on the History of Nigerian Civil War and its implications.

The leader of the Team, Lt. Commander S.A. Lawani sincerely thanked and appreciated the Curator, Management and Staff of NWM, Umuahia for their continues hospitality and enormous contributions to the students, that the educational visit has indeed enriched the officer’s appreciation of economic implications of war

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